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March 31, 2014: Jo Snyder just asked: Why do you think you are a better candidate than those already declared as candidates for governor?

My Answer:

My team and the honest to God "boots on the ground" knowledge and ability we have to reaffirm property rights as our statutes and constitutions guarantee, makes us the best crew around to clean up, repair and rebuild Colorado into a thriving state! My love for our domestic resource providers, and witnessing the hell a rogue government subjects them to led me to building www.LandAndWaterUSA.com - a website rich with policy research analysts, scientists, doctors, educators, attorneys who are partisan only to peer reviewed science and verifiable documentation. Any question anyone has on any subject, I can contact one of our impeccably knowledgeable individuals and get the answers/solutions! Already tooled up, within two years we can build Colorado into a model other states will want to use. Under our constitutions and statutes, your rights have never been extinguished! And that...is a powerful thing to know!

March 27, 2014: Fascism and Cows

Fascism is when the fascist denies the dairyman use of his cow, takes his cow for a joyride, runs its udder off, then returns your cow ready for rendering service! You suffer loss of revenue due to their denied use of your cow, which strips you of your livelihood and leaves you owing a balance on the cow plus accrued taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.

Private Property Owners, are you being denied use of your property?


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