Norman Borlaug (March 25, 1914- September 12, 2009), known as the gentleman who saved a billion human lives, would have been 100 years old today. How did he save so many lives?
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2-20-14 With Theresa Martens and John Anderson at the grand opening of the Centennial Gun Club

Former Chief of Colorado State Patrol, Col. Mark Trostel,
Joins Roni Bell Sylvester's Campaign as Candidate for Lt. Governor

LA SALLE, COLO. -- GOP candidate for Governor of Colorado, Roni Bell Sylvester, a well-known water and land rights activist, today announced that the former Chief of the Colorado State Patrol, Col. Mark Trostel, will be her running mate as a candidate for Lt. Governor at the Colorado Republican Assembly on April 12 in Boulder.

"Col. Trostel is well-known, and respected throughout the state," said Bell-Sylvester, whom the local media this week called an "indomitable warrior" in the GOP race. "Col. Trostel -- who was appointed by Governor Bill Owens (R) to head the State Patrol, joining this campaign is a game changer for the race for the Republican nomination. We believe this will convince the delegates that we are serious about cleaning up the mess in this state that professional politicians have created."

On April 12, in Boulder, more than 4,000 party delegates elected by county Republican assemblies this spring will meet. Candidates for governor who attain the support of 30 percent of the delegates will be placed on the ballot for the GOP nomination for Governor, to face ultra-progressive Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) this fall.

"Roni's been receiving feedback from voters all over the state, enthusiastic support, and many, many volunteers," said Col. Trostel "We're confident that if we win the support of 30 percent of the delegates she will then win the nomination and then be the next governor of the state of Colorado."

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